Good morning and Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going so far? Things have been really busy over here, but busy is good. I thought I’d get right into the weekly “what I ate”-ness and share with you this past Sunday, when I was working at the hospital. I’d originally hoped to be in Nashville for FNCE, but the year took me to all other kinds of places (in a good way), so I had to make a budgetary decision and opt out. I’m planning to make it Boston for next year’s conference, though. Somebody please hold me to that.

Breakfast: Zucchini bread oatmeal with peanut butter on top, enjoyed while I screened patients to figure out the day’s workload. If you hadn’t noticed, I make this a lot for clinical days. It’s filling and a fun way to sneak in veggies. zucchini bread oats


Lunch: Roasted veggies over arugula; eggplant dip and boiled eggs on the side; an apple for dessert. I had one whole egg and one white. Sometimes I eat both yolks, but I didn’t feel like I needed it this day. desk salad with eggs and eggplant dip

Snack: When I got home, I had some plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon each of coconut flour and PB2. I topped it with the last of some Kashi Go Lean cereal I wanted to use up because it’s totally going stale. This picture is really ugly, but oh well. It tasted great and gave me the energy boost I needed to take a walk and get some writing done.
yogurt with Kashi Go Lean

Dinner: I recently decided that roasted broccoli needs to be a regular part of my life again. I had the last of a batch from the weekend mixed with some other roasted veggies, spaghetti squash, and garlic slow cooker pork (similar to this) I had in the freezer. This was so good. I’m not sorry that I love meat. And salt. I also had a small glass of red wine (~3 ounces) while cooking. spaghetti squash veggie bowl

Snack: A few hours later, I made this shortcut apple pie-inspired dessert and topped it with non-fat ricotta and a few peanut butter chips. easy apple dessert

What was the best thing you ate over the past weekend? 
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