Good morning. How’s your week going? But first, I want to wish a very happy birthday to my dad, who’s celebrating a big one today. Nothing says, “You’re old but young at heart” like a Fudgie the Whale cakeFudgie the Whale

It’s kind of weird for me that in two months, I’ll be the age my dad was when I was born—makes me look back at being a kid and thinking adults knew what they were doing all the time and weren’t scared of anything. I also believed in the Tooth Fairy so, you know…

Today being Wednesday, It’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday post, where I share a look at what a dietitian really eats. This is the first WIAW post in a while that happens to be of an actual Wednesday. What a concept,  I know.

Wednesday afternoons, I work in an outpatient clinic that’s part of the hospital where I’m a per diem nutritionist. Once in a while, I’ll work the morning on the inpatient side before clinic. This was the case last week, so I made sure to pack myself a nutritious breakfast and lunch to keep me going.

Desk Breakfast: Zucchini bread oats (with egg white cooked in) and peanut butter. zucchini oats desk breakfast

Lunch: A kale salad with roasted beets & zucchini, avocado, and smoked salmon. This held me over most of clinic, though few hours later, I did need to reach for the Fiber d’Lish bar I’d brought to get me over the hump while writing my notes. I’m not a big “bar” person, but I do enjoy these once in a while—they’re not horrendously high in sugar, and the high fiber content helps me stay full for a long time. smoked salmon salad

Snack: When I eventually got home, I was really hungry, so had some plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and flax before doing some chores. Exciting stuff. I forgot to take a picture, but it basically looked like this but without anything pretty on top: yogurt with maple

Dinner: I made pumpkin ravioli (same type as in this soup) with shredded brussels sprouts and garlic chicken sausage. I could probably keep Trader Joe’s in business all by myself. Not that they need any help of course. And sorry—this is like the most ugly picture ever. Except for my other ugly desk dinner pictures.pumpkin ravioli and sausage

And then it was light’s out. Another day, another random assortment of stuff…

What was the best thing you ate last Wednesday?  Or today, so far…
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