Good morning and Happy What I Ate Wednesday. One of the things I love about being an RD is how many different hats I get to wear. Spending a few days a week in a hospital setting feeds one side of my brain, and spending other time working with private clients, writing articles, and playing with recipes feeds another. I thought that this week, I’d give you a look at a day of what I eat on my “food blogger” days.

I’m a freaky morning person by nature. Unless I’m sick or have, like, dating someone new, I almost always wake up early with or without my alarm. I hate laying in bed, so I like to get up and hit the gym or go to an early yoga class.

Desk Breakfast: This particular day, I had a green smoothie while I caught up with Rise clients after yoga. I know you “shouldn’t” eat at your desk, but I actually enjoy it sometimes. Or often. And by “often,” I mean almost every day. We can’t all be perfect. Whatever “perfect” means. That’s a lot of quotation marks for one paragraph that is not dialogue.

green smoothie desk breakfast
Recipe Testing: This particular day, I was testing a few recipes including these pumpkin spice energy balls…pumpkin spice energy bites keeping it real food

and this Gluten-Free Cheerios snack mix. I tasted a tiny bit (aka a small few bites) of each to make sure they didn’t suck. I don’t really like to munch while working, though I drink seltzer and coffee like it’s my job. Helicopter Parent Snack Mix

Desk Lunch: Leftover Pumpkin Ravioli soup and salad—another desk lunch while typing up the recipes above and editing an article draft for YouBeauty.

soup and salad

Snack: Partway through the afternoon, after running some errands, I had a container of plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of ground flax and some cinnamon.

Dinner: I made this Rustic Chicken with Tomatoes and Olives in the slow cooker so had a bowl of that over steamed kale plus some toast with babaganoush and roasted eggplant on the side for dinner. I love this recipe. rustic chicken with tomatoes

Snack: A few hours later I got really hungry, so I had some more yogurt with a tablespoon cocoa powder. I added a little cinnamon and stevia and one of the crumbled energy bites from the morning’s recipe test. Sorry for the ugly photo. This is why I don’t attempt legit food photos at night. It’s just not gonna happen.

yogurt with pumpkin spice energy bite

Do you eat at your desk ever? Any favorite recipes you tried recently? 

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