Another week, another What I Ate Wednesday. This is actually a short week for me because I’m heading out of town on a little trip with the fam over the weekend—so excited!

I’m rushing to wrap up some stuff before heading to clinic, but here’s a little WIAW action for you. This week I’m giving a little glimpse at last Friday, when I was working at the hospital where I do occasional per diem shifts.

Desk Breakfast: This is basically my make-ahead berry cheesecake power bowl / yogurt mess  with a spoonful of coconut milk added to thin it out. This was a great way to charge up for early-morning rounds. That and the black coffee. desk beast overnight oats

As a per diem without regular floors to cover, you really never know what you’re going to get when you show up. This was an incredibly busy day with lots of last-minute surprises.

Desk Lunch Mise en Place: desk lunch miss en place

A little later I had an apple and an iced coffee. When I got home from work I threw together a quick smoothie while I waited for the oven repair guy to arrive.

Dinner was all about using up whatever was left in the fridge, since I had an order coming from Fresh Direct later in the evening in preparation for Saturday’s potluck brunch. Pickings were pretty slim, but I threw together a pretty satisfying meal of shredded red/purple cabbage & feta salad tossed with eggplant dip that I thinned with water to make a thick dressing. Then I made an egg-white sandwich with more eggplant dip and roasted eggplant. The egg white was totally made in a mug in the microwave (pour liquids whites into a mug, then cover with a plate and cook in 45-second intervals until set) because I was tired/lazy. I was actually do this on a night I didn’t have a near-empty fridge.

egg white and cabbage

After dinner I had a piece of dark chocolate (still working through my stash from Valentine’s Day…pathetic but when you keep it in the fridge, it stays good!) and later, a sliced banana with some nonfat ricotta and PB2 sauce (1 tbsp each PB2 powder and cocoa powder, mixed with ~1/5 tbsp with water). Totally forgot a picture though. #bloggerfail.

I got a picture of this though. My personal rescue remedy. I actually take it through a good part of my cycle to manage aches/pains and maintain good digestion, but it’s also great for headaches and days you need to calm the eff down. Mission accomplished. vitality natural calm

What are some of your memorable “odds & ends” meals made from remnants in the fridge? 

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