Happy What I Ate Wednesday. It’s that point in the week where we play a little dietary “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Since I’ve been sharing a lot of weekends recently, I thought I’d change things up this week and give a glimpse at  last Thursday, when I was working at the hospital. I’m still in training, which is basically the most humbling thing ever, but I know I’m in capable hands and am just trying to take things one day at a time as I assimilate all the new information. There’s been a lot of running around, which I’m starting to get used to. The intensity is exciting to me, weird as that sounds. I will admit that I went out and bought a few pairs of flats, though. In the first week, I nearly wore a hole through the bottoms of my go-to wedge heels. Whoops.

Another thing that’s been interesting to navigate is the hospital cafeteria. Dietitians get a $6.25 meal credit each day, and though the offerings are decent, it’s not the same as homemade. If I worked there full time, I’d probably pack my lunch a lot, but a few days a week, it’s been kind of nice not to have to bring a heavy lunch bag with me on my commute or worry about keeping anything cold.

Anyway, without further ado…

Breakfast: Savory oats topped with some leftover veggies, goat cheese, and tahini

savory oats
Lunch: Salad that came with grilled chicken, half a boiled egg, tomato, and cucumber on it. I added a packet of hummus that I’d brought in my purse. These tetra packs aren’t the best in the world, but I prefer them to most of the salad dressings available in the cafeteria.


Snacks: An apple and dry-roasted edamame at the hospital; Greek yogurt with coconut flour & cocoa powder before after-work yoga. I forgot to take pictures because it was just one of those days.

Dinner: Baked salmon over a mix of arugula, cauliflower rice, and a bunch of leftover veggies. Salad twice in one day is not ideal, but I was too tired to do any real cooking. Sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack. I also had a glass of red wine.

salmon and arugula

I had a piece of dark chocolate for dessert and then it was bedtime.

Does your work (or school) provide meals? Do ever bring condiments or snacks in your bag to dress up foods you buy outside the home?  

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