Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Every week for the past 4-ish years (um, wow, that’s insane) I’ve joined the “what I ate” food journal-style link-up with bloggers from around the world. It’s always interesting to see what people in other walks of life eat in their day-to-day. Even going back and seeing how my own eating habits have changed over the years is a real trip.

For example:

This week in 2011,



and 2014

Anyway, this week, I’m sharing another Saturday that I spent here in NYC. I’ve been scrambling recently to square away a bunch of projects and schedule some newsletter stuff before I dive into some crazy schedule changes next week. Details to come. The short version of the story is that I’ve been shifting some things around and am taking on a few new endeavors. I’ve been wanting more structure in my life and still have some things I want to learn on a clinical level. I also had some other opportunities come up that I wanted to say yes to. It will be an adjustment, going from juggling just one per diem job with my own stuff, but my gut is telling me to go with this and that I’ll find my stride. I always do—and when I don’t, I find a way to regain my footing.

So right, the food part of this post. Saturday was a very active day, despite a lot of work-time (deliciously challenging yoga class, way too nice to stay inside all day so a few random walks), so I took breaks to enjoy really nice meals.

Breakfast: Zucchini Bread Oats with an egg white cooked in and topped with a teaspoon of drippy peanut butter—so good!

zucchini bread oatmeal

Lunch: Arugula salad featuring smoked duck breast, chopped apple, caramelized onion, goat cheese, and dried cranberries. I dressed it in a simple dijon mustard vinaigrette.


…lunch dessert was the rest of the apple with a little PB2 sauce

apple with PB2 sauce

Afternoon Snack: Plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon each coconut flour and cocoa powder, topped with berries and a few chocolate chips…(sorry—recycled photo)

yogurt with coconut flour cocoa powder berries

A little after five, I took my laptop to a cafe and ordered a glass of wine to enjoy while I worked. It was a nice treat. wifi and wine

Dinner: The same avocado & egg toast and salad I’ve been enjoying for lunch—just can’t get enough!

avo and egg toast and salad

Snack: More plain yogurt (been craving it nonstop this week) with a little cereal on top—forgot to take a picture, though, because I was exhausted.

What foods have you been craving recently? 

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