Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? I just got back to NYC late last night after a short trip with my family. It was great to slow down a bit and get away, even if only for a few days.

I slept over at my parents’ house Saturday night, and was so happy to see this little dude. I always make him take pictures with me, but he mostly just wants to lick my face. Eli selfie-fail

We were all up at 4 a.m. on Sunday to head to the airport. We made great time and cleared security quickly, so we were able to stop and have a nice breakfast. I was really impressed with the options! I ordered 2 poached eggs with a side of greens. It also came with a biscuit, which I had a little of to mop up the egg yolk. poached eggs airport

During the flight, I drank a lot of water and had a banana after we reached our destination. Plus a lot of coffee. Lunch happened sometime around 1:00 at a BBQ place. My eyes kept going back to a salad that had pulled pork on it (along with cheddar, bacon, and tomatoes), so I went with it. It was all the things I wanted.

Salad with pulled pork

I also had one of the mini cheddar biscuits that came with the meal—delicious.  From there, it was a lot of errand-running. My parents recently purchased a home they’re planning to retire to, so there have been details like shower curtains, dish towels, etc to sort out. It was fun to see the place and get a sense of the area. I’m really excited for them.

Because we are nothing if not ambitious when it comes to how much we squeeze into one day in this family, we had dinner guests expected at 6. Somehow, between the 5 of us, everything came together just in time. I even was able to sneak away for a greedy-long shower.

On the menu: Burgers, chicken (marinated in Soy Vay), roasted peppers, sweet potato wedges, plus a spread of hummus, olive, baby carrots, and chips with salsa and guacamole for dipping. I had a baby glass of white wine, and one of our guests was making these delicious lemon drop cocktails (limoncello and vodka, among a few other things), but after a sip, I knew I’d have to keep it to just that—alcohol hits me extra hard when I’m really tired, and these were so delicious, you didn’t even taste the booze! 5 24 15 dinner

There were cookies and ice cream for dessert, but I was still too full from dinner. Before bed, I had some sliced strawberries which totally hit the spot, but I was way too exhausted to take a picture.

I totally had salad 3 times in one day. Whoops—so much for taking my own advice to mix things up over the course of the day. Proof that even dietitians aren’t perfect! At least the salads were all different from one another…

We enjoyed lots of great food throughout the rest of our trip and overall had a really nice time. I’m so happy I took those couple days to get a change of scenery and spend some QT with the fam—much-needed!

What was the best thing you ate over the past weekend? Any awesome—or terrible—airport food experiences? 
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