Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Hope you’re having a good week so far. Let’s do this “what I ate” link-up business, yeah?

One of the most common misconceptions about registered dietitians is that we don’t eat or that we eat “perfectly” all the time. Whatever that means. I thought it might be a good idea to share a post with you guys that debunks that perfection myth.

This past Friday, for example, things were pretty routine in terms of eating during my shift at the hospital, even though the day was anything but: IMG 0300 300x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #214

By the time I got home, I was shaky-hungry s had some Greek yogurt with, yes, coconut flour and cocoa powder (1 tbsp each, since someone asked last week) and raspberries–and forgot to take a picture. Then I threw in a load of laundry and ran errands and started to check in with Rise clients and all of a sudden I was stupid hungry and it was time for dinner. IMG 9897 300x225 - What I Ate Wednesday #214

Dinner was a mess-in-a-bowl of what was in the fridge: kale with roasted veggies, chicken, and a glob each of eggplant dip and tahini. I was going to have a sandwich thin with eggplant spread and eggplant on top, and somehow the second piece of bread got stuck so weirdly in the toaster that I broke the toaster trying to get it out and ended up throwing the darn thing away because you have to pick your battles. I now have a new $16.99 toaster I ordered that night off Amazon. Hangry Adventures. IMG 0270 300x225 - What I Ate Wednesday #214

Even though I didn’t really need any more sources of fat in my day, much less more peanut butter, when it came time for a bedtime snack, a banana with a little peanut butter was the only thing that sounded good to me. Certain times of the month, I think it’s especially important to listen to cravings, so I just went with it.

IMG 0271 300x205 - What I Ate Wednesday #214

Saturday, after working another hospital shift, I had just enough time to shower and check some emails before meeting up with someone for drinks/appetizers before another friend’s party, so I made a green smoothie (topped with a little high-fiber cereal) because drinking on an empty stomach never leads to good decisions. If you think I’m talking merely about food-related decisions, bless you.

IMG 0280 283x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #214

About that drink…it was more like a goblet…and delicious to the last drop. Verdejo, I love you.

IMG 0288 300x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #214

As I was saying the other day, sometimes you have to be flexible. I ended up stealthily making a meal of mezze: hummus, salad, and goat cheese—whatever works—knowing that I’d be able to have a snack when I got home if I needed. And of course I did.

What foods do you tend to crave? What was the best thing you ate last weekend? 

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