Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Hope you’re having a good week so far. Since I’m sure your day is just as crazy as mine, let’s jump right into this weekly “what I ate” link-up business.

I had a full weekend off and really took advantage to relax and recharge. There was a lot of yoga and walks in the sun and laundry and I even got a chance to try some new recipes. I know I’ve been sharing a lot of Saturday meals and snacks recently, so what the heck—let’s do Sunday this time.

Breakfast: A bowl of Pumpkin-Apple Oats (similar to this but with apple instead of cranberry)—leftover from the batch I made Saturday. I added ~ 1/2 tbsp peanut butter and a 1/2 tsp of maple syrup. Love how a little goes such a long way when it’s all melty and drippy and awesome. 

IMG 0103 300x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #213

Lunch: I had plans for lunch and a movie with a lady-friend, so we met up at Le Pain Quotidien in Union Square. I ordered one of my old favorites—Smoked salmon salad. I almost always get this. 

IMG 0104 300x242 - What I Ate Wednesday #213

Snack: I was so hungry when I got home late in the afternoon, so I fixed myself some Plain Greek yogurt with—you guessed it—coconut flour, cocoa powder, and cinnamon, plus raspberries. Then I went right back outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

IMG 9897 300x225 - What I Ate Wednesday #213

Dinner: Duck meatballs with a mix cruciferous veggies & mushrooms in white wine sauce—and a glass of leftover wine. Recipe coming soon! DSC00042 1024x683 - What I Ate Wednesday #213


Bedtime Snack: Sliced banana with non-fat ricotta, maple syrup, and a few chocolate chips—sorry I forgot to take a photo! I was so darn tired. 

And that’s all she wrote. For today, anyway…

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? Do you tend to order the same things at restaurants?

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