Here we are at the mid-way point of the week. Late-April already? How did that happen? Oh—Happy Earth Day!  It also happens to be What I Ate Wednesday here in food blog land, which means it’s time for that weekly “what I ate” link-up.

Last week, I shared a hospital-day  Saturday with you, so how about we change it up this week and I’ll share an actual weekend day with you? This was the first Saturday in what felt like forever that I wasn’t working or traveling. The gorgeous weather (and wearing a dress instead of pants) also put me in a good mood.

Breakfast: I had a smoothie before yoga. I made this basic green smoothie (with vanilla whey protein instead of hemp protein) and stirred in a tablespoon of chia seeds before grabbing a spoon and eating it. Growing up, I always drank shakes and things with a spoon and make my smoothies extra-thick, so the smoothie-in-a-bowl thing is not weird at all to me. Everyone’s different, though! green smoothie with chia seeds

Snack: I was shaky-hungry after a sweaty yoga class, so I had half a plum before getting in the shower.

Lunch: I was working on a photo project that involved a grilled veggie sandwich. I don’t always end up eating stuff I photograph play around with, but this one, I did, since I didn’t do much fussing. When it was time to eat, I just added a fried egg right on top because why have the egg in the sandwich when you can have it on the sandwich? I don’t know. I had the other half of the plum for dessert. labneh veg sandwich with egg

Late-Afternoon Snack: Plain, non-fat Greek yogurt with coconut flour, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and a big handful of raspberries. I knew I was going to be having a drink and that dinner would be a long ways off, so I wanted to make sure I had something filling. Greek yogurt with cocoa and berries

Happy Hour: I usually tell clients to consider alcohol as a carb and/or file it under their “discretionary calorie” budget for the day. I chose gin and club soda and worked on some article edits while waiting for a friend at a bar. Multi-tasking at its classiest, right there. gin and edits

Dinner: I got home late/early after a friend’s play, so I assembled a dinner of what was in the fridge-sweet potato, kale, and pulled chicken, topped with a spoonful each of plain labneh and tahini sauce. I had a piece of dark chocolate for dessert and called it a night. sweet potato with kale and chicken
What’s your drink? 

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