Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week so far?

Saturday night after my shift at the hospital, I joined my mom and sister for dinner and a play. After a delicious meal at Marseille in Hells Kitchen, we saw The Heidi Chronicles. I thought the writing and the acting were great (Elisabeth Moss and Jason Biggs were the main reasons I’d wanted to see the show in the first place), but the subject matter hit so close to home I felt a bit foggy afterwards.

In some respects, it’s amazing how little has changed for women since the play first ran in 1989. I’m starting to grow weary of the phrase “having it all.” For having it all to even be on the table, you have to navigate simply wanting more. Besides, who gets to decide what “all” means, anyway? At one point, Heidi (played by Moss) asks Scoop (played by Biggs) what his mother said to him to make him so f—ing confident that hers didn’t say to her. Seriously.

On a sort of related note, all my social media feeds are basically avocado toast, babies, and yolk-porn, and it makes everything seem so complicated.

But that is neither here nor there.

To bring it all back to food blog land, let’s take a look at what I ate on Easter Sunday. Though the original plan had been to stay in New Jersey Saturday night, I was so zonked from having been up since 4 to go to work Saturday and then staying up late to see the play, that I stayed in New York so I could get some rest. Good decision. If not 8 hours, I managed to get some solid shut-eye and had a nice time hanging with the fam and my favorite little dude: Jess and Eli Easter

Breakfast: I didn’t have much in the fridge, since I’d been planning to be out of town, but I did have the makings for a smoothie, so I made this ugly-but-goodness using loose ends from the depths of my fridge and freezer before catching an early bus out to New Jersey. This had unsweetened coconut milk, a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, ~1/3 frozen banana, 1/4 c frozen berries, cocoa powder, ice, and 1/4 tsp xanthan gum. I topped it with chia seeds. Chocolate cherry smoothie

Snack: Around noon I started to get shaky-hungry so I had some Greek yogurt with berries, flax, cinnamon, and peanut butter. Showing up to a family party on an empty stomach is bad news for me, especially if I plan to have anything to drink. This tided me over perfectly. Fage with raspberries

Easter Dinner: During the cocktail hour(s) I had some sparkling wine, smoked salmon, and sliced cucumbers with hummus. Dinner was a delicious mix of Greek and Polish specialties. I piled my plate with greens with lemon & roasted garlic, spinach salad, and lamb. I also had a piece of kielbasa and a pierogi. Easter 2015 Keeping It Real Food

There were all different kinds of desserts out. I went with some berries, homemade whipped cream (heavy cream + maple syrup), and a tiny piece of tres leches cake my mom and sister made—perfection. They used a Pioneer Woman recipe that was out of this world without being over the top. I also finally learned what the “three milks” are in tres leches. Better late to the party than never.  Easter 2015 dessert

Snack: Because dinner was so early, I got hungry again around 7:30 and had more Greek yogurt, this time with ground flax, a tablespoon of instant oats, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Why over-think it?


What are your family’s traditional holiday foods? 
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