Happy What I Ate Wednesday. I thought that for this edition of the weekly link-up I’d share some of what I ate while in Miami over the weekend for a wedding.

My mom and sister traveled with me and stayed in the same hotel since they had planned to be in Florida anyway that week. We had a fun girl’s night after we got in Saturday. Dinner at Jaguar was delicious!

We shared ceviche and guac…

…and then I had the grilled salmon with veggies. Hit the spot.

Jaguar grilled salmon Keeping It Real Food

grilled salmon

After a workout the next morning, I had breakfast with my mom in the little “bistro” in the hotel lobby. This breakfast sandwich was delicious. It had egg whites, turkey, spinach, and havarti. I ended up having some fruit instead of finishing the English muffin since it wasn’t anything exciting. The way I look at carbs is that you just need to pick the ones you like best that will also do you the most favors. English Muffin Bfast Sandwich Keeping It Real Food

My mom, sister, and I had lunch at a local restaurant called the Chart House. I had salad and grilled mahi-mahi. Delicious!Chart House Lunch Keeping It Real Food

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the 15 or so weddings I’ve been to (no joke), it’s to never show up hangry. Plain Greek yogurt with a banana is the perfect snack to give me energy and keep my blood sugar and mood stable all through the ceremony until it’s finally time for some cocktails. Oikos and banana

At this particular wedding, the appetizers were fantastic. I enjoyed a mix of sushi, beef & veggie kebabs, and guacamole. Oh, and whiskey. I’ve found that wine makes me too tired and weepy, so this (plus plenty of water in between) works well. I was among old friends with no worries about needing to seem ladylike, so neat instead of rocks was just fine.  My other go-to is champagne, but I wasn’t in a champagne mood. It’s been a long winter…

Miami wedding apps

The only thing about whiskey is that after one or two, the last thing I care about is taking pictures of food. Pros and cons. Dinner was a lovely version of your usual wedding fare of salad and choice of meat or fish. Because the fish entree had pistachios involved, I had a beef-and-chicken thing with a stack of root veggies. It was really nice—just the right amount of food.

Dessert was not the main event, but there were lots of pretty pastries, fresh fruit, and slices of cake. I had some berries and a little dark chocolate mousse mini-log thing I completely forgot to take a picture of. Do I know how to sell dessert or what? This is why I am a dietitian and not a food writer…

What do you drink at a wedding?  Do you have a snack before a big event? 

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