Happy  What I Ate Wednesday ! Hope you’re having a great week so far. Can you believe we’re already coming down to the last few days of July? The past four weeks have been packed with all kinds of craziness, but mostly the good kind. After working so many weekends at the hospital over the spring, it’s been nice to have a few weekends to spend with the “normal” people of the world.

This past weekend was a mix of work and play, as I picked up a Saturday shift but also caught up with friends and enjoyed lots of playtime with Eli, who’s growing so fast it’s insane. eli in the grass

Friday night I had dinner with some friends at Atlantic Grill. I heart restaurant week. Atlantic Grill

Saturday was a busy day at the hospital, but I had plenty of good food to keep me going. Breakfast was a new twist on overnight oats:

coconut flour overnight oats

Proper recipe coming soon, but basically, I have decided that I should put coconut flour in my overnight oats all the time.

Like I usually do when I’m at the hospital, I packed a big salad for lunch. I like that it takes me a really long time to eat. butter bean salad


I also enjoyed a pluot and some of these. seaweed snacks

I cannot, for the life of me, remember what I ate Saturday night, and I have zero photographic evidence. After giving Eli a bath, I was totally zonked.

Sunday ended up being quieter than planned. I’d had plans to go to an event but was feeling under the weather, so I stuck close to home. The downtime gave me a chance to do some food prep for the week and to make pasta with fresh basil in it for dinner. My mom gave me a gorgeous basil plant last time I saw her, so I was excited to put it to use! IMG_6805

Also, because PMS is a thing, I enjoyed a square of this after dinner on Sunday: speckuloos bar

I could totally eat the whole thing in one sitting, but I like to space it out over a few days and savor one piece at a time. In my brain, this registers as more chocolate over time, which is definitely a good thing!

What was the best think you ate last weekend?  

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