I thought this week I’d do the obligatory holiday re-cap for my What I Ate Wednesday post.

After working an early shift at the hospital Saturday, I caught a bus out to New Jersey to visit my family. Since I knew I’d be traveling and didn’t want to be loaded down with pyrex containers, I bought lunch for a change. It was a nice treat!

Not-sad Desk Lunch from LPQ

Not-sad Desk Lunch from LPQ


When I got to New Jersey, first things first: My mom, sister, aunt, and I went to the nail salon because, well, when in Rome…Then we had dinner at my parents’ house. I completely forgot to take pictures because I was stupid-tired. I’d been up early (even for me) to work the 7-3:15 shift, and I was wiped. I had a good time eating salad & stuffed cabbage and drinking lambrusco with the fam.

After the Christmastime redo of my old room, it’s actually much more restful to sleep in. My mom also took my suggestion to put a white noise machine in there, so I actually slept through the night without headphones. Some of the vintage decorations, remain, though—like this picture my sister made for my day, and these pictures because, well, unicorns in the 1980’s. I must have been about 4 when my mom got these. I tried to color the one on the right pink with a marker, but it’s faded with time.

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Easter morning started with a walk to go get some coffee with my mom and then hot yoga with my sister. I always forget how much I love New Jersey hot yoga. Nothing like a class in your native Garden State tongue. It was also a great change of pace to do Bikram instead of my usual heated vinyasa. I  noticed, though, that I felt completely zonked out for the next few hours. I lost track of how much water I drank.

I did eventually enjoy a glass of rose champagne, though. Lovely! rose champagne

We grazed on appetizers (crudities, kielbasa, cheese) before having dinner around 4. I went for some lamb, ham, salad, string beans, and a pierogi. A couple hours later dessert was laid out. There was coconut cake, chocolate cake, cookies made by someone’s friend’s grandma (?), and various flavors of Jeni’s ice creme. I really sucked at remembering to take pictures, but I had a few bites of chocolate cake and cedarwood vanilla ice cream. As a kid, I was all about dessert, then in college I was all about the wine, and now I’m more about just enjoying the time with family.

Easter 2014

It took me a while to get home, and after unpacking, I noticed my stomach was growling. I made a sweet potato with peanut butter—it was the perfect thing to eat before bed.

What are some of your family’s typical holiday foods? 

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