I tend to agree with that whole “everyone is a special snowflake” thing. It’s what keeps me calm in moments where I want to scream, “What the f*** is wrong with you!” or some similar response to someone or something that baffles or upsets me. There are plenty of people who would probably react the same way to me.

Case in point: a boyfriend in high school could not stand it when I blamed things on the full moon.

Me and my f***-ing full moon thing, I know. But hey, if it can affect the tides of the ocean, why not beings that are comprised largely of water, right?

This post has a point, I swear.

We all have weird things we say or do, especially when no one is watching. For example, I also like to either stand while I type or sit cross-legged in my desk chair. I play Elvis Costello and Belle and Sebastian songs on the ukulele to get over writers’ block. I sometimes wear heels while doing stuff around the house because it’s usually the only time I can remember to practice walking in them.

I also eat some weird combinations of things.

As an early riser, I’m no stranger to odd solo breakfasts when traveling. Our first morning in Chicago, I was up way too early thanks to construction, so I went to the gym, showered, and went to the 7-Eleven on the corner to grab some coffee and yogurt. I also grabbed the instant oats from my stash of snacks.

Uncooked oats in yogurt, you say?

Hell yes. It sounds very weird, but once you mix them in, it gets all sticky and doughy and keeps you satisfied a lot longer. You should try it sometime.

What do you do when no one is watching? Any favorite weird food combos?

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