Sometimes I feel like a big dork calling food “eats,” but titling a post “Weekend Foods” or “Edible Things I Consumed This Weekend” just seems wrong.

I’ve been a little off the radar this weekend, mostly because I’m holed up working on a writing project I’m really into. I’ve been making a point of going outside and took a nice long walk this morning while I thought and entered a few notes into my phone, but I’ve been happy as a clam standing (yes, standing) in front of my computer typing away and doing research. Weird, I know. Where is this energy when I’m trying to write  paper?!

I did manage to tear myself away to go out to dinner with Chris last night (we went to Gazala Place, a favorite), and tonight I’m going to a sparkling wine-tasting with my mom and sister (I love Groupon). For the most part, though, I’ve been making myself simple, easy meals to keep myself fueled while I write.

recycled picture, but basically the best falafel ever

Saturday I made the best veggie burger I’ve had in a while: A Dr. Praeger’s California burger with greens, tomato, roasted pepper, avocado, and sharp white cheddar.

It was totally falling apart but in the best way possible.

Breakfast this morning was something easy but new (to me)—peaches n’ cream overnight oats. Honestly, all I did differently was add a chopped peach to the mix the night before. If I really want to do it up right, I’d puree the fruit or something fancy like that, but I was still happy with it.

Of course I topped it with berries in the morning.

Foods like this remind me what a big part texture plays when I’m deciding what I feel like eating. I get bored when there’s not enough variety.

Maybe that’s why I like sparkling wine so much ; )

What have you been up to this weekend? What was the best thing you ate?

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