You guys, this month has been insane. Four weddings in three weekends, all of them out of town—somehow I survived.

Even though Chris’ sister got married in Chicago on September 10, the reception was held in Boston this past weekend at the Harvard Club.

Our hotel was across the street, which was pretty awesome. There was a little chaos because a movie was being filmed in the neighborhood, but hey, nothing says Mazel Tov like simulated explosions and stunt car crashes, right?

I spent the morning in Cambridge drinking coffee and having brunch with my friend Jade at Veggie Galaxy, a new vegetarian diner in Central Square. My chickpea burger with roasted eggplant & tomato and goat cheese was amazing. After getting in late the night before and having to be up early, I was in need of something restorative and delicious. 

It gave me the energy boost I needed to work on decorations with Chris’ mom that afternoon. I was also in charge of arranging the ladies room goods. I’d been told to make the panty liners out of the box and make them look pretty. I tried. 

The reception was a lot of fun. As the brother of the bride, Chris had a lot of familial obligations to attend to, so I spent a lot of time floating around catching up with people I usually only see at Thanksgiving and other holidays. Chris’ family and friends are all very nice, and it’s also a good thing I’m comfortable flying solo, though a glass or two of sauvingon blanc always helps! I had a great time dancing and goofing around in the photo booth. He joined me for a few shots too : )

The food was really good. To start with, there was a polenta mushroom appetizer…

…followed by a salad with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella.

For my main dish, I ended up with the fish option, which was stuffed shrimp served with Brussels sprouts and rice. 

Dessert was lovely. After all the tiered cake last weekend, it was a welcome change to be presented with this mousse thing. 

I don’t know if anyone else ever has this problem, but I get really confused when there are lots of speeches and performances going on during fancy meals. It seems weird to eat while people are doing their thing, but I guess you’re supposed to do that? Several times last night, my plate got taken away before I was done because I’d been trying to steal bites between toasts and whatnot. To look at it another way, though, I still ate enough to feel satisfied but not too full, so that’s actually good. I enjoyed every bite and had a great time. I guess I’ll learn how to navigate formal meals as more of my friends and family get married.

Here’s to hoping those future weddings take place a little closer to where I live! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ecstatic not to have any more weddings until late October. By then I should be all recharged : )

What did you do over the weekend? 

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