This weekend ended up being a lot of fun—I love getting to hang with my best girls and be ridiculous. I was in need of a good gigglefest (in addition to both whiskey and champagne), and clearly, we had a good time. img 3300 - Wedding Shenanigans

img 3309 - Wedding Shenanigans

img 3307 - Wedding Shenanigans

Last time I wore an undo and feathers in my hair was the 8th grade graduation dance

img 3316 - Wedding Shenanigans

The pastor said we could play with his toys, so...

img 3321 - Wedding Shenanigans

Don't worry, Allie's not really naked behind the pastor's desk

img 3324 - Wedding Shenanigans

Of course I got the cynical fortune cookie

In between dancing and drinking at the reception, there was some food that happened.

img 3328 - Wedding Shenanigans

salmon-cooked perfectly

img 3330 - Wedding Shenanigans

I had a bite of each of these before hitting the dance floor again—lovely

img 3329 - Wedding Shenanigans

I won the centerpiece but didn't take it home, cool as it was

How was your weekend?

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