Oh dear—how did the end of August sneak up on us like this? On the one hand, I’m sad about the fact that summer is winding down, but on the other, I’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for fall.

September kicks off a mini wedding season for me—Chris and I are going to four weddings in September alone! That means a lot of travel, a lot of late nights and early mornings, and, of course, lots of fancy meals—and drinks. While it’s easy to get stressed out by how much is going to be out of my control, I prefer to look at these kinds of events as a chance to practice being flexible. However, a big part of that involves planning ahead and being prepared. Here are some of my tried-and-true tips. When it comes to travel:

  • Pack snacks in your carry-on or purse. I always bring fruit. Other favorites include single-serve packets of almond butter and instant oats to stir into yogurt or eat for breakfast.
  • Make a “to pack” list and keep it on your phone or computer so you can double-check before zipping your suitcase and walking out the door.
  • Pack light—but not too light. I like to pack an extra shirt or dress and spare tights or socks just in case. I’m an expert at spilling coffee, walking under dripping paint and accidentally ripping my stockings.
  • Bring sneakers, resistance bands, DVDs, bathing suit and cap or other workout equipment that’s easy to pack. Download a few yoga podcasts or check out sites like BodyRock for on-the-go workouts you can do in a guest bedroom or hotel room.
  • Don’t freak out—sh!t that can go wrong, will go wrong. Taking a deep breath and accepting this fact will make it a lot easier to deal with traffic, flight delays, and other inconveniences.

At the event:

  • Wear clothes that make you feel confident.
  • Break in your shoes—there’s nothing worse than not being able to walk comfortably at the reception!
  • Fill up on veggies and lean protein.
  • Reach for whole grains when possible.
  • Drink water, especially if you’re going to be drinking alcohol—have one glass of H2O for every alcoholic drink you have.
  • Leave room for cake.
  • Dance.
  • Smile.

I keep telling myself that all the travel time will give me a chance to study and do homework. I’m taking three masters courses this semester: Advanced Proteins, Fats & Carbs; Weight Management; and Alternative and Complementary Nutrition Therapies. I also have some exciting work projects coming up!

What’s on your plate for September?

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