tr logo1 - We have a winner!Thanks guys for all your awesome comments over the past few days and your great tomato-based recipe ideas. The winner of the Tuttorosso Tomato kit giveaway is Eva, who said:

TVP sloppy joes! I know TVP isn’t the most ideal food in the world, but I can’t eat red meat, and chicken just seems wrong in sloppy joes. I used to love good ‘ol Manwich, but now that corn syrup would give my stomach and blood sugar a run for it’s money. This kit will have everything I need for homemade goodness- including the apron! The apron is probably the most necessary ingredient in this package; they are called SLOPPY joes, after all!

Eva, I’ll be emailing you with details and to get your mailing address. Congrats!

Have a great Monday, guys!

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