I first got into miso after reading Mark Bittman’s Food Matters cookbook when it came out in 2010. It’s since become one of my kitchen staples. This fermented soy product has a smooth texture and warm, salty flavor. A little goes a long way in adding a salty, “OMFG—what is that umami amazingness” note. Does anyone even say “OMFG” anymore? No matter.

What I love about miso is how versatile it is. I recently published an article on Tabelog sharing some of my favorite ways I love to use it.mushroom miso soup

It makes a great soup base, but I also love to mix it with tahini to make a dressing. It’s great in marinades (like in this salmon) but you can even use it to make your own fake meat. I haven’t made a seitan log in ages, but it’s super-simple.

Do you ever use miso paste? 

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