In this morning’s New York Times, there was a great article about urban gardening. While city dwellers have been growing tomatoes and herbs in little planters for years, there has been a recent increase in home-grown fruits and vegetables. Though tax incentives have been a motivation for some, it runs much deeper for many. Paula Crossfield, the managing editor of Civil Eats blog about sustainable agriculture, considers the 400-square-foot garden on her Lower East Side roof to be an extension of her work. “Growing my own food helps me understand better what I write about: how food gets to our table, the difficulties it entails.” “The bottom line,” she said, “is that I harbor a secret desire to be a farmer, and my way of doing that is to use what I have, which is a roof.”

While I have no desire to be a farmer, I’d love to be able to plant some basil and tomatoes on my roof (which may or may not be possible…) so I can have tomato-basil-mozzarella sandwiches whenever I want. Now if someone could engineer a mozzarella plant, that would be even more awesome.

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