Because my dad and sister’s birthdays are only three days apart, we often celebrate them together. Chris and I took a little study break to go out to New Jersey for dinner and cake. A few of Julia’s friends were there too, which is always a nice surprise. 

While we waited for the “Four -Hour Lamb” to be done, we enjoyed a lovely antipasti platter. I’m an easy sell when it comes to roasted garlic.

There were also potato pancakes, salad, and a delicious ribolita-inspired soup. I was very happy to be sent home with extra soup—the mix of cabbage, white bean, kale, and fire-roasted tomato was exactly what I was craving.

Dessert was a yellow layer cake (with sliced banana in between the layers) with chocolate icing. I don’t know if we were out of birthday candles or just, like…doing the kind of thing we usually do. But hey, why use just any old candle when you can use a candle that looks like a log, y’know?

We always get a little silly at family gatherings…there was a lot of blurry photo-taking and laughing over things that would probably sound ridiculous if played back to us in a week.

We also introduced my mom to the “Bed Intruder Song.” She’ll probably be singing it around the house until Christmas, and that’s why I love her. My dad will probably be sorry we played her the video, though!

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