First things firsta Jem and the Holograms movie is happening? That was totally my jam back in the days of VHS. I still get “Misfits in Hawaii” stuck in my head all the time. Though they were the enemy band, I always thought they had the better songs. Go figure. For the uninitiated, here’s a “best of Jem & the Holograms” video.

I’m not familiar with this song, but I have to believe it was a thinly veiled double-entendre that gave some frustrated lyricist a good chuckle.

Man, the 80’s. I’m so glad I was too young to take responsibility for my so-bad-it’s-good taste back then. My current-day Spotify playlists, however, I am fully accountable for, and I am not ashamed. Well, okay, maybe a little. But only sometimes.

In other “truly, truly, truly outrageous”-ness…

I went to a “period party” on Sunday hosted by the lovely Caroline Zwick. Health Coach Nicole Jardim demystified some common issues women have with their menstrual cycles. I learned more in those 2 hours than I think I have in the 15+ years of dealing with what some refer to as “The Curse.” Can we please stop using such negative terminology please? I don’t talk much about women’s health and reproductive issues on this blog, but it’s a big part of my work with private nutrition clients. Unfortunately, menstruation is a taboo subject in our culture, and many of us are in the dark about the hormones at work and how our environment and lifestyle can help and hurt.

In this “All the Things” culture where we’re constantly on the go, we tend not to honor the different energies we feel throughout our cycle, expecting our bodies to perform exactly the same way every single day. I found myself nodding along with Nicole’s comments that we need to adjust our expectations and take time to be where we are and plan for those changes in our mood and energy levels through dietary intervention and other lifestyle modifications. Also important: changing up our workout routine during different phases of our cycle and clearing our calendar to give ourselves a little more time to rest in the week leading up to our period–even taking a day or two off during.  Note. To. Self.

Also on hand was the Vice President of Maxim Hygiene to talk about organic cotton alternatives to chemical-laden tampons. I wish someone had told me sooner I’ve been unknowingly shoving plastics up my vagina all these years. Happy fun times.

New moon eclipse weather.  I thought it was stress that had me wanting to clean and cook lots of eggplant, but apparently it’s just astrology? Or both.

 Were you a Jem fan back in the day? Do you have a special name for your period? What are your comfort foods? 

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