As I mentioned on Sunday, I spent part of last week in Minneapolis with a small group of RDs and bloggers as part of an event at General Mills. Overall, it was a really fun trip where we got to talk about a lot of important stuff.

I had thought about writing one long recap post or squeezing it all into a What I Ate Wednesday-type post, but after reflecting on the trip—and looking through all the pictures on my phone—I thought I’d share a really fun culinary experience with you.

Tuesday night, the group had dinner at a really fun restaurant called Travail Kitchen & Amusements. If you find yourself in Minneapolis, you should put this at the top of your must-visit list. We enjoyed an array of inventive food and drink in a lively setting—it certainly made for lively conversation as well!

So about those drinks…

Travail Cocktails

I got to taste several of the cocktails being passed out, but I mostly stuck to prosecco and water throughout the evening. And okay, maybe a shot or two of bourbon. buffalo trace

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the passed appetizers, but I’m glad I caught a shot of this scallop tartare — so pretty! scallop tartare

The menu involved a lot of seafood and vegetables as well as a range of inventive serving ware—I got a lot of ideas!
Travail fish on rock


There were a few meat items, which were all fantastic as well. .. travail
Travail pork

Dessert was a little sampling. I had a bite of each but damned if I could tell you now what they all were. Travail dessert

Bonus points for the melting escapee ice cream.

So, yes. It was a wonderful night, and I felt lucky to get to have such a fun dining experience in a new city.

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