I always brag about the fact that I almost never get sick, but some ugly thing got a hold of me and I was up most of last night with a wicked sore throat and aches. I’m feeling a lot better now but still kind of…spacey. The doctor at the walk-in clinic I went to this morning said it may or may not be strep, may or may not be just a little bug, but that I probably shouldn’t go hang with patients to whom I could pass anything on, just in case, tomorrow. Weird, first sick day I’ll have taken at this place in the year I’ve been volunteering there.

At the moment, I could serve as a poster child for the effect stress can have on the body. I don’t talk about my family much on this blog, but it’s been a really tough few weeks, and it’s been taking a toll on everyone. A lot of big things going on that are way out of my control, and Sagittarius that I am, sitting on the sidelines has never been my specialty. In short, I worry. A lot.

On some level, I almost feel lucky that my toughest decisions this morning were whether or not to get the Rx for the “just in case” antibiotic filled (gonna wait another day or two), whether or not to go to belly-dancing class (went back to sleep instead), and whether or not to have chicken noodle soup for lunch or stick with something vegetarian.

In the end, I went with a can of organic chicken noodle. If I were feeling up for it, I’d have walked to the nearest Kosher deli, but instead I went to the grocery. I was a little surprised that’s what I was craving since I usually avoid meat, but I felt like it was what I needed. That and some coconut water hit the spot for lunch. I’m supposed to see a friend’s play and go out for dinner later, so I’m hoping that if I rest up I’ll be feeling good enough to go. Either way, it’s gonna be an early night.

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