It seems like everywhere you look now, you find mini-cupcakes, quarter-sized cookies and two-bite brownies along with diminutive pastries and other desserts meant to satisfy your sweet tooth by providing that little bit of something sweet you crave. This week, the New York Times ran a great piece on the trend.

Photo by Tony Cenicola/NY Times

In my own day-to-day life, I’d rather have a piece of fruit or some yogurt for the 100 calories found in a micro-macaron, but I’m happy to see this trend taking hold, as it emphasizes quality over quantity. When it comes to sugary treats, a little really does go a long way, and I love that the people creating these desserts are showing how possible it is to be satisfied with less—not an easy feat in a more-is-better environment.

Are you a fan of miniature desserts? If you are, what’s your favorite? 

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