I remember when an ex-boyfriend got his first iPhone back in 2009 or 10 (we’re no longer in touch, but I imagine he has since upgraded), I would tease him about how sucked in he got. I’d never seen anything like it. My code phrase for “Pay attention to me” / “So what’s her name?” was “How are things in iPhone land?”

Irving Farm cappucino

Predictably, I am now just as attached to my own iPhone. I kind of hate how much I love it. And it’s funny to note that another, more recent former boyfriend was developing an app– that wasn’t even a thing ten years ago, at least not to the degree it is now. It seems everyone has an app. I wonder what mine would do…dispense snarky comments at awkward moments? Dark humor generator? Dating Mistake of the Day calendar? Or maybe a “What should I put on my oatmeal today?”  app to help you decide what to make for breakfast.

I guess I actually am on an app, if you count the fact that I’m a Rise coach. So I definitely don’t hate on apps! It just blows my mind how much a part of daily life they’ve become.

Anyway, it can be hard to know which apps are worth the download. The folks at Reviews.com did this nifty little round-up of some of the top recipe apps and explained what makes them awesome. I go through phases where I use more apps as resources for things like dinner ideas.

 There are lots of other ways you can use technology to help you get dinner on the table. Here’s an article I wrote for the Daily Dot about some meal delivery and meal planning services to streamline your week.

Do you use any  recipe or nutrition apps or services? What would your app be for if you made one? 



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