Happy Throwback Thursday! Last weekend when I was visiting family, my mom and I engaged in some basement-cleaning and unearthed some crazy stuff. For this week’s post, in the spirit of #tbt I thought it would be fun to share some of those findings.

Let’s start with the most embarrassing first: Multiple copies of my seventh grade school photo, which my mother treasures for its awkwardness. Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t even know where to start. The hair! That shirt! The braces! Was anyone else into those bug-shaped hair clips back in the day?

seventh grade school photo

We also found a box filled with my journals from elementary and middle school, plus this handy guide to the Internet I must have needed circa 2000. Sometimes I feel like I still need it.


There was also a copy of a screenplay I wrote when I was 14. Apparently my younger self thought that falling in love was “like having a bug bite on your ass.” Awkward to scratch the itch, especially in public. Risk of oozing, infection, and pain. And OMG—what if it’s a bite from a poisonous insect?! Funny, how the more things change, the more they remain the same. I’ve been jaded and cynical, apparently, since before I was even old enough to know what I was talking about.


One habit I’ve had since I was a small child: my neat-freak tendencies. I had a good laugh the other day over my super-Type A desk lunch spread.

type A lunch


Congrats on almost making it to Friday, by the way. If it’s been a rough week, here’s what to make for dinner to help you hit the reset button. Thanks to the Lady Project for sharing my recipe!
What crazy stuff have you found while cleaning?What habits have you held onto since childhood? 

This has been another installment of the Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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