Happy Thursday! So here we are, a week into 2016. How’s yours going so far?

First things first: Watermelon Boy—wtf? I have to say, this is one of the more interesting stories I’ve commented on recently. There actually are some potential benefits to eating the rind (though an entire watermelon is a bit excessive), but that doesn’t exactly sound palatable. So says the gal who really wants to try cricket protein bars just because.

I love the optimism of January, with all the opportunities for a fresh start. Since we’re still talking resolutions on the Interwebs, I wanted to share this bit: I was quoted in this Women’s Health article about unexpected health resolutions your doctor wants you to make. I explain why full-fat dairy deserves a place on the menu this year and offer a few suggestions for ways to work it into your diet. IMG 3762 1024x1024 - Thinking Out Loud: 2016, Week 1

If you’re cleaning out and restocking your kitchen to make healthy cooking a reality this year, you  might like this article and related infographic.
pantry power large embed - Thinking Out Loud: 2016, Week 1
Source: Fix.com

Are you doing any kitchen clean-outs for the new year? 
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