Happy Thursday! How’s your week going? I am totally getting my butt kicked by my schedule, but I’ve got some fun stuff to share today.

I am loving the cooler weather we’re getting here in NYC. Nothing wrong with smoothie or nice cream bowls, but I’ve been craving savory oats like crazy the past few days. Maybe it’s because I’m still healing an injury, but that turmeric—I want it in all the things.

turmeric cauliflower oats

As a New Yorker, I spend a ton of time on my feet running from one place to another as part of my everyday life. Because of some lovely foot issues secondary to my accessory navicular syndrome, I’ve been wearing custom orthotics for about 5 years, and they have made such a huge difference! The only thing is you have to get those babies refurbished every now and then. It was time.

Finally, after three painful weeks of separation, I’ve finally been reuinted with my orthotics. I missed their comfort and support so much. It’s what I imagine a healthy relationship feels like.

Here’s a little late-week reading. If you’re anything like me and end up saving blog posts to get to over the weekend, it might end up more like weekend reading or next-week reading, but hey…

Think milk’s the only source of calcium? Turns out there are lots of other food sources. In this Food & Nutrition Magazine Stone Soup article, I share a handy list and a tasty recipe to help you meet your needs.

Fall fruits and veggies may be delicious, and they’re also packed with important nutrients. I was recently interviewed for this Men’s Fitness article on fall superfoods.

I’m especially digging apples this season. I love them so much, I even wrote a story about them for Azumio.

Ditching sugar can be super-helpful for avoiding intake of excess calories. I was interviewed by Self earlier this week for a story about a woman who kick-started a 40-pound weight loss by cutting the sugar in her morning tea.

What’s your favorite fall food? 

This has been another installment of the Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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