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I used to have a weird thing about not wanting to order groceries online. How could my life ever get too busy for me to get to the store? Hah! Little did I know…

Turns out, ordering my groceries online is both wonderful and dangerous. It allows me to either stick to my list or to browse and add lots of random stuff. It’s way too easy to justify when it’s on sale, especially since the delivery charge doesn’t change when you add more stuff.

Once in a while, though, these impulse buys turn out to be awesome.  These Wholly Guacamole packs are a great example. They go with all kinds of things and are so easy to throw into my lunch bag.  I’ll be sad when my supply runs out. Wholly Guacamole

These Dr. Praeger’s Sweet Potato Pancakes were another winner—great with eggs! They’re just barely sweet and are a fun change of pace from toast. mini quiche and pancake

Sometimes, though, I later end up questioning my sanity when my delivery arrives. For example, I recently ordered some frozen chicken breasts after making some with my mom and realizing how convenient they were. Unfortunately, I realized after it was too late to change my order that the kind I’d purchased were hormone-free but not necessarily antibiotic-free.  

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how much I beat myself up over it because that’s sort of an elitist thing to get wound up about. I think it was just my hormones that week and the fact that sometimes when there are very big, stressful things going on in my life (aka—a sick dog and neighbors ready to sue your ass if he barks), it’s easier to freak out over the little things. So I’ll end up having 5 servings of chicken over the next few weeks/months that may or may not have been treated with antibiotics. Big f***ing deal. I eat chicken in restaurants all the time and don’t give it a second thought. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

Even during the weeks when I get groceries online, I still end up going to the store to pick up a few items I forgot or something I wasn’t able to order.  It works out pretty well, actually.

Do you ever order groceries online? Any new products your excited about lately? Any flops? 

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