This time of year can be a challenge because the light is changing to give us more sun, and we’re feeling more alert and like, “Life is awesome!” but then that almost-spring “cold-thing that’s going around” comes knocking. And just like that, you’re right back on earth. And by “earth,” I mean your doctor’s office, or the “Cold & Flu” aisle at the drugstore.

Siggi's dessert

They say that living well is the best revenge. Staying well is even better. Food can play an important role in fighting off illness. It doesn’t have to be fancy juicebar fare that costs an arm and a leg, either! Check out my post on Elana Lyn about everyday immunity-boosting superfoods to help you avoid that thing that’s going around the office.

My personal favorite on the list? Yogurt. I swear I feel different if I don’t have it for a day or two. I also notice I crave it like crazy when I’m fighting something off. Must be all those good-guy probiotic bacteria.

And when all else fails, flowers are great color therapy : )


What are your favorite stay-well foods? 

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