Happy Thursday. Welcome to another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where stream-of-consciousness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

How’s your week going? After pouring all my energy into the post-conference exam* from the certificate of weight management training program I went to, it’s taken me a few days to mentally adjust to real life. I’ve mostly been in to-do-list tunnel vision mode. Pros and cons. In keeping with this weekly link-ups “randomness” theme, here’s a peak at what’s kicking around my brain.

1.) First off, Eli wants me to wish everyone a very happy (if belated) National Puppy Day. If only we could all be so tired from play instead of work…Eli sleeping

2.) The spring cleaning urge has hit me hard this week. I edited the heck out of my closet and cleared off a few shelves in there. Still not sure what I’m making room for or how I’m going to reorganize, so for now, I just have a bunch of empty space—almost unheard of in New York. The closet in the main entryway to my place is another story, though…

I still have boxes and boxes of binders, notebooks, papers from grad school…even the things from my DPD courses and labs are still there. Some of it’s as old as 2009. Yikes! Since packing each item away at the end of whatever semester, I have never gone looking for anything—not even once. I dragged all this crap with me through 2 moves. Why? I suppose to my credit, I last moved about a year before finishing school—maybe I thought I’d need all that at some point. Um, yeah. I was so wrong. It’s not that I know everything and do not need resources. I’m just fortunate that so many of my resources are available in places that do not require unpacking a box or scaling a shelf. Now I understand how 10 years go by in a flash.

3.) I have been focusing a lot this month on letting things be as opposed to chanting any  of the “let go” mantras I’ve been force-fed since I was a kid. Sometimes the real work is in being where you are and staying present. When we rush to wipe the surface clean or empty or hands, we can miss out on an opportunity to learn.

4.) I made a spanakopita-insired frittata Monday night and can’t wait to share the recipe with you guys. Not only is it easy to make, but it reheats really well, making it great for lunch or dinner the next day. I even had the last slice for breakfast this morning. spanakopita frittata and salad keepingitrealfood.com

*5.) I passed my exam, by the way. I now hold a certificate in Adult Weight Management. Or I will hold it once it arrives in the mail. Kinda nifty, huh?

6.) Apparently this also means I’m done with my continuing education credits over 2 years early. Eternal Student-ism strikes again #SagittariusProblems

7.) FNCE is in Nashville this year, and I really want to go! I know it’s not until October, but I’m excited about the idea of going. A city I’ve always wanted to visit, a conference I’ve always wanted to go to—why the heck not?

What’s on your mind today? 



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