Happy Thursday! Hope your day is off to a great start. In the spirit of today’s emphasis on randomness, I’ll just get right into it.

*Got a trip coming up? I’ve got an article up on FitRevue about diet-friendly travel snacks this week. conference snack bag

*Something I did not write but loved reading this week: 5 ways to eat vegetables for breakfast—yes!

*I was trying/failing to take a selfie for a work thing the other day and had to stop because I started laughing too hard. From now on, whenever attempting a selfie, I will always pretend to be in an ad for a ridiculous product. Here’s my best “Let’s talk about all-natural tampons/IUDs for unicorns/magical weight-loss yogurt” face: ad face selfie

Speaking of…Does anyone remember “Birth Control on the Bottom” Yogurt? Classic.

*The weather was gorgeous here in NYC earlier this week. Still is—who am I kidding? I find I have a song (or ten) for every type of weather. This mid-spring with its first almost-hot days makes me think of certain Elvis Costello songs I used to listen to in the car with my dad when I was a teenager.  “American Without Tears,” in particular comes to mind the instant the days hit 80 degrees.

It’s kind of a weird song to get nostalgic for, but we can’t help these things, can we?

Anyway, this is what we used to listen to in the family car when we, like, took a drive to go get ice cream.  I had neither a normal upbringing nor a normal soundtrack for said upbringing. If nothing else, my parents were always very generous with their giant record collection and let me borrow any CDs I liked to copy on my little external-drive CD burner. Good lord, I was a fiend for the oddest stuff as a teenager.

*Another song I’ve been listening to a lot this week is the Freelance Whale’s “Hannah.” It makes me long for some far-off summer of rooftop Brooklyn loft parties I never actually lived. Come to think of it, that’s a lie—I’ve been to my fair share of rooftop and/or loft parties that happen to take place in Brooklyn. I just can’t remember this song ever having anything to do with it.

Brooklyn, circa 2012

Brooklyn, circa 2012

*How about one more food thing before I cut you loose for the day? Kelapo sent me this coconut oil cooking spray to try*. I usually use olive oil from a mister bottle or canola oil spray, so this was a change of pace. So far, I’ve tried it for making eggs and roasting veggies. The flavor is mild enough to work on pretty much anything—even asparagus! asparagus and coconut oil spray

Have a great day!

What’s on your mind this Thursday? What songs make you nostalgic? 

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.



*I did not receive compensation for this post, nor was I required to post a review, but I wanted to share my thoughts, which are my own.

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