Good morning and Happy Thursday. Today’s the day where we do the randomness thing, so let’s get to it.


*All the talk about water on Mars has this song stuck in my head. Could be worse.

*I love that my autocorrect is totally cool with “tahini,” but has no idea what to do with “capers.” Or “McNuggets.”

*This New York Times article, “Vegans Go Glam” by Jeff Gordinier made me laugh out loud. I wonder what my “spiritual name” should be. When I made my confirmation at 14, I listened to my mom and chose the name Mariah (because of this song, which I had never actually heard until writing this post, and now I am embarrassed), but that was only because the Monsignor said I could not be Lilith.

*Speaking of diets & spirits (and demons/demon-brides), I am so sick of Diets, especially ones that demonize specific foods and food groups. Um, what is so wrong about a long-term healthy eating plan called, “eating delicious food that, for the most part, happens not to be full of processed crap?” #justsaying

*I have a recipe for you tomorrow from last weekend’s apple-picking excursion. I call this photo “dietitian in the nature.” dietitian in the nature

That said, it’s probably a little more “you can take the girl outta New York, but…”

Another alternate photo caption: album artwork for my imaginary full-length cover of No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom, as performed in the style of Leonard Cohen. Aka—I am still listening to Ryan Adam’s cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 (as performed in the style of the Smiths) and wondering why I cannot stop. What is wrong with me? Tragic Kingdom Leonard Cohen

*Here’s a silly picture of Eli from last weekend, just because. I’m a nut for this dog.

Eli in lap

*Speaking of nuts, I’m allergic to all the good ones, but the Little Beet Table was totally okay with that the other night when I had dinner with a lady friend. It was so nice to finally make it there—we had a great meal of wine and tasty veggies plus a chickpeas & shrimp dish that had plenty of garlic. The only suggestion I would make: serve bread. It doesn’t have to contain gluten, just, please—something to gnaw on.

…and that’s all she wrote for today. Have a good one!

What’s on your mind today? 
This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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