Happy 2015! Oh, and happy Thursday. Given the date, this week’s Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party is resolution-themed.

Thinking Out Loud2 - Thinking Out Loud: Happy New Year!

It was a major trip to read last year’s new year’s resolutions. Looking back at 2013 was even more of a…Just, wow. Some of those goals became a regular part of my life, the way I always hope resolutions will, and others, well…yeah.

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Baby Eli

Though 2014 was a hard year in many ways, it was very rewarding and gave me a taste of what I want and which direction I want to keep going in. It showed me what I’m capable of and that I am, in fact, able to bounce back from challenges that may have seemed insurmountable a few years ago.

I mean, damn, for one example—I got a puppy, and then he almost died, and I had to change The Plan and adjust my expectations basically overnight. Fortunately, he is doing very well now and is just the happiest little guy. I love him to pieces, even if he did pee on the Christmas tree.

On the positive side, I had a lot of wonderful professional opportunities in 2014 and enjoyed expanding my interests along with my network. I’m looking forward to more of that.

I don’t have a lot of formal resolutions for 2015—I’m more focused on de-cluttering my life to make room for the important stuff—but here are a few things on my mind as we go into this year.

Do yoga 3 times a week. This has been one of the best things for my mental and emotional health this year. I can’t believe I had ever gotten away from it.

Stop trying so hard at things I’m never going to be good at, especially if I don’t really care about those things. For example, I will accept that I am not destined to have a green thumb, and that is okay. IMG 8577 300x300 - Thinking Out Loud: Happy New Year!

(This succulent was seriously passive-aggressive in its attempt to guilt-trip me by bending backwards, like, “I get it—you get great natural light.”)

I will also accept that I am a caffeine addict and that is okay too. I wasted too much energy in my early and mid-twenties trying to quit coffee because of people in my life who acted like they were “above” coffee. Um, coffee is delicious and even has some health benefits. Giving up something you love in an attempt to get closer to someone you want to sleep with or in the hope that you will be rewarded with a diamond ring is always a bad idea. Not like I ever ended up with a caffeine withdrawal headache or a vitamin B12 or D deficiency trying to please a vegetarian or anything…

Continue to pursue what feels right and good to me. Maybe I say this every year?

Oh, and because I am a big believer in fun resolutions (in 2012, my goal was “more brunch”), I resolve to spend next New Years Eve eating caviar and drinking champagne cocktails at home—or at least someplace that feels like home.

Do you have any resolutions for 2015?