Happy Thursday. Welcome to this week’s Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where stream-of-consciousness is the name of the game! Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

Thinking Out Loud2 300x79 - Thinking Out Loud: Frenzied

IMG 8353 300x300 - Thinking Out Loud: FrenziedEven though I haven’t done much in the way of holiday party-ing (yet), I think the frenzy of the season is getting to me. By that, I mean that my brain is a bit overloaded with to-do list-ing. Case in point: I totally showed up for work at the hospital Tuesday morning, only to find that I was not actually on the calendar for that day! After almost a year of working per diem, it finally happened. Hey, at least it was better than if I’d been awoken by a phone call telling me I was supposed to be in rounds instead of in bed.

The silver lining was especially bright, though, as I got to have a cozy, rainy day at home writing and researching for some projects I have due this month. I know that all these end-of-year deadlines will be made, commitments kept, but wow. I’m so glad I got my Christmas shopping done over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

That said, this year has been way better than last year, when my Facebook feed was peppered with blinged-out ring fingers and couples in ironic ugly sweaters, surrounded by their adorable pets.

Now that I think of it, not much has changed in that respect. Nothing aside from my attitude, I mean. When confronted with things that used to bring me to tears, my response nowadays in more along the lines of, “Well hey, good for them, everyone’s on their own path, blah, blah, blah, remember to look up omega-3 studies on PubMed…”

But wow,we’re heading into mid-December, and 2015 will be here before we know it. Have you started thinking about New Years Resolutions yet?

If you want some stuff to ponder, you can read this 2015 Health and Fitness Trends . I really want to try bone broth. I think I found my new first-date activity. Talk about a litmus test…

I think I want to make all “fun” resolutions this year. For example: I want to try that cricket protein stuff. Maybe one of these bars?

I’m also planning to put yoga on the list again. I actually managed to doit twice a week this year, and I think adding a third yoga session a week will do wonders to help declutter my mind in the coming year. Happy Return of Saturn to me!

Speaking of the mind, I really enjoyed this article, the Road to Mental Health through the Kitchen.

Do you know what your New Years Resolutions will be yet? 

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