Welcome to another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party where stream-of-consciousness is the name of the game! Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

1.) My favorite summer dessert of late: roasted peach with Greek fry-yo. All you do is wrap the fruit in foil and roast at 400 degrees F for 20-25 minutes. I guess technically it’s steaming it but whatever! grilled peach

2.) Until recently, I had no idea  that penile thrombosis was a thing. Now I know what to wish on the all the men who’ve been jerks to me…

3.) Puppy toys are the cutest. I promise I’ll stop teasing you soon. puppy toys

4.) I got rid of the garbage can I’ve had since Freshman year of college. Ugh. How is that 10 years ago already? Is it normal to even keep a garbage can that long? Either way—historic s*** in the Keeping It Real household.

5.) I cannot get enough of this song. I had the chance to see Jackson Browne at the Newoprt Folk Festival a few years ago, but it rained and it rained and it rained, and I left early. Listening to this makes me wish I had stayed. Then again, maybe it’s better to associate this song with a windows-open summer afternoon.

6.) I was on a date once with a guy who looked a lot younger than his years. I’d thought maybe he was 35 when we first met. Well, I found out the truth when I joked about my having the musical taste of a 45 year-old-dude and he gave me this look like, “Ummm…” As a Sagittarius, tact is clearly my specialty. Not that 45 is old, per se—it was just a surprise. The joys of being a fire sign…Not that it really matters, but thinking about, my musical taste is probably closer to someone in their late-50’s. Oh well. Next time I’ll say that.

7.) My friend Lauren (who, among her many talents, writes wonderful things about cheese, jam, and the like) is my new hero for turning me on to this chocolate goat cheese from Westfield Farm. I think it deserves its own post, but I’m way too excited to not tell you about it. It’s that good. For all my vegan friends out there, you should tell Daiya to get on this—or start adding cocoa powder to your homemade nut-cheese. Hah, nut-cheese. I’m sorry, I’ll stop. chocolate goat cheese

8.) I’m feeling much better after Sunday night’s little fainting adventure—a little banged up, but a gal’s just gotta keep on keeping on.

What song(s) are you obsessed with lately? Any favorite food finds? 

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