Welcome to another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party where stream-of-consciousness is the name of the game! Thanks to Amanda for hosting!
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My brain is basically iced coffee and puppies, but I promise there are a few other things kicking around in there!

The Luck Dragon is teething, so the days I work from home look a lot like this selfie-fail, which cracked me up the other day:

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But right, other things! Here are some random bits for today:

1.) First off, did you guys see Raechel’s awesome yoga playlist post on Monday? Love her taste in music.

2.) I love Food 52, and I love figs. This post is all the things.

3.) This post on ways to add veggies to breakfast.IMG 6427 300x225 - Thinking Out Loud

4.) My submission to this laugh-out-loud Tumblr just got posted this week. Sorry I’m not sorry. I tried not to write about it much when I was going through it back in late 2011, but if at all possible, avoid living with an ex after you break up. Just so  many kinds of awkward.

5.) Leonard Cohen on creativity, hard work, and why you should never quit before you know what it is you’re quitting.

6.) Jenny Lewis has a new album!

7.) I will never master the art of omelet-making, and I guess that’s just gonna have to be ok. When I made this leftovers-with-egg-whites creation for breakfast the other morning, it totally fell apart when I was transferring it from the pan. Tasted great, though! IMG 6715 300x225 - Thinking Out Loud

What’s on your mind today? What music are you loving lately? Any omelet secrets?