Thursday again. My sense of what day it is is all thrown off thanks to working at the hospital over the weekend and then spending Monday celebrating Labor Day with my family and the fur children. It was worth it, though.

Janie and Jess

I jumped right into the workweek by covering for someone on Tuesday at the corporate wellness site I’m usually at on Thursdays, so I’m even more confused about what day it is. Just gotta roll with it. At least it’s kind of fitting for the weekly randomness link-up, I suppose.

*Since I just mentioned it, may as well tell you guys about it—after taking a small step back from the hospital at the start of the summer, I recently took another step back to make time for more corporate wellness work and some other projects. It was a terrifying discussion to initiate, but I’m really excited about what I’m doing right now and am happy I went with my gut on this one. There’s a lot to revisit come January/February, but all signs were pointing to taking this bend in the road. Change is scary, but stagnation is even more terrifying.

*Just in time to enjoy very late summer peaches, I have a recipe for a bourbon peach crisp in the current issue of the GNYDA newsletter.

*Sometimes I wish there was a “blog tech for dummies” class I could take. I feel like so much of what I learn comes from doing—and re-doing once I realize I’ve been doing something wrong for years. Case in point: no-follow links. After finally learning what they are and why they’re important earlier this year (I know, I know), I’ve been going in and updating old posts and things and making sure that I do things right the first time with new ones. One mountain I finally climbed this week was updating all the links on my Media page. Um, why had I waited so long? Each one really only took about 20 minutes. I’m not even kidding when I say I had been putting it off for months.

*I made this eggplant, tomato, and chickpea casserole the other day, and I am just so in love with this flavor combination. It’s especially delicious with an egg on top. I also had an uncured andouille sausage left over from a soup recipe test (coming soon), so I sliced it up and threw that in there for a little protein and flavor boost. A little goes a lot way with that kind of stuff, but in small doses, it’s a nice upgrade.

*I tried the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios recently (General Mills sent me a sample), and while I couldn’t imagine having a whole bowl for a meal, they made a nice garnish for some yogurt, along with cranberry sauce I made with a bag from the back of the freezer.

pumpkin cheerios yogurt

*I just finished reading Billy Crystal’s Still Foolin’ ‘Em. I’ve had this book for a few years but only picked it up this summer. It was so good! I was kind of bummed when it ended. My sister and I were talking about doing a Harry Potter book club, since I’ve never read any of them (I know, I know). Of course my Kindle decided to die on me this month, when Mercury is retrograde and I’m doing a spending fast, so we’ll see if I cave and get a new Kindle after September 22nd when Mercury goes direct again or if I just attempt to get hard copies of the books from the library. Of course, I can use the Kindle app on my phone and iPad, so all is not lost. I’m just annoyed that my trusty device has crapped out on me.

Have you read the Harry Potter books? I’m a little embarrassed to even ask that question…

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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