How did Thursday get here so fast? I feel like I’m packing twice as much stuff into half as much time this week.Not having ALS clinic this week was kind of a blessing, as it gave me some extra time in which to schedule things and get stuff done. I even managed to clean my apartment this week! At least some of it has been fun stuff in addition to work. It’s been, like, the magic week for finally making good on all those plans to make plans for lunch, drinks, and dinner with people. Also a lot of meetings and such. Wonder what that’s about. Mars in Sagittarius maybe?

Some other random stuff:

*I’ve been writing an article about what to do if you’re too dependent on your tracker, and of course my FitBit broke yesterday. Whomp whomp.

*This muggy weather has had me making smoothies for breakfast more often. Smoothies are one of those foods that can help you get in lots of nutrients (and they look so pretty on your social media feed!), but they’re also super-susceptible to the “health halo” effect. In my recent post on Fitness , I talk about some sneaky ways your smoothie might be making it harder to reach your health goals.smoothie bowl with seeds

*Speaking of social media, I am loving the trend of people posting their weekly meal prep. I was quoted in this Self story on just how key meal prep is to healthy eating.

*I had lunch with one of my lady friends at Whole Foods the other day, and holy crap—why don’t I do that more often for lunch dates? I loved creating a salad and sitting catching up in the middle of our busy workdays.

*The other night I had drinks and dinner with a friend who was visiting NYC from Boston. I enjoyed some rye and a grilled calamari salad that was just beautiful. This was so random, but I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the water bottle—so precise! I love the idea of it being luck (or skill), even if it’s more likely some system or tool they use to get the water so close to the rim like that.

precise water bottle

*I have a corporate wellness food demo to do today. I was given a pesto hummus recipe to make, but I didn’t think until after making a batch in my food processor that—hello—I’m allergic to the nuts in the pesto and am now all worried about cross contamination with using that FP for other things. I happened to have an old food processor in the cabinet that still works, so I guess having two is actually totally justifiable. One for me and one for demos. Marie Kondo would be horrified. In my defense, food allergies suck. Needing room for an epi pen is also my main justification for carrying a large purse.

*NYC ladies on the subway in heels carrying tiny purses—what the what? And just…how? I always feel like I’m lugging my life, my lunch, and a change of shoes.

*Maybe I wrote about this before, but somehow, this has become the song I can’t stop listening to this summer. What year is it? I barely listened to Elton John at all until the past year or so, and yes I keep going back to this one—and to “Rocket Man,” because even though the song is very much not about this, but sometimes my work life feels like orbiting real life in a tiny spacecraft.


What’s on your mind this week? 

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.


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