So, it’s Thursday, and I’m ready for a little brain-dump. Perfect timing.

*The other day, I was asked to comment on a study about food diversity for a this Yahoo article. Having variety in your diet is important in terms of meeting your nutrient needs (if we stuck to the same 5 foods, we might be missing out on some key stuff), but a lot depends on what that variety entails. I definitely practice what I preach when I speak with clients about filling their cabinets with primarily healthy things they enjoy and making a special trip of going out to get treat items they would otherwise have a hard time practicing moderation with where they to keep it in the house. What’s one of my kryptonite foods? For whatever reason, if I open a package of graham crackers, it becomes, like, the only thing I want to eat until it’s gone. 

*I’m still stuck on cheese and an apple as a snack. I’ve been channeling Liz Lemon and calling it “Night Cheese.” I’m a nerd, I know. night cheese

*So, Mark Bittman finally announced that the start-up he’s gone to work for is The Purple Carrot, a Boston-based vegan meal kit company. Pretty neat. The way that Elvis Costello is one of my music/artist heroes, Bittman is one of my food heroes. I always love seeing what he does next. I’m a big fan of Bittman’s “part-time vegan” approach and admire the work he does to make this style of eating more palatable and accessible.

*Speaking of writers and the like, a coworker introduced me to Mark Manson recently, and I totally dig it. Here’s a little thing about reasons why we fail. Hah. Um, yeah. Number 10 is my biggest struggle in life basically ever. And does one outgrow impostor syndrome or that one a chronic condition?

*Speaking of heroes… Eli as Spiderman

*I’ve been busy as usual, but I got a little “slow down” signal from the universe the other day when a bottle of apple cider vinegar fell out of a cabinet and shattered all over the floor. Of course, I managed to cut myself on the glass in a weird spot on my index finger and was holding a paper towel around the wound as I mopped up the puddle with a towel under my foot. Multi-tasking at its worse. It took hours for my finger to stop bleeding but then it finally did. Awesome.

*Talk in the RD office at the hospital has turned to what we’re cooking for Thanksgiving. As per usual, I’ve volunteered to make some veggie sides. The wheels are turning…

What are your kryptonite foods? What are you contributing to your Thanksgiving table? 

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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