Happy Thursday. How’s it going? Today’s the day we talk about random stuff. Here’s a handful:

*An article in which I answer some questions about bread is up on Yahoo this week. It was kind of a trip to be quoted alongside one of my first-ever nutrition professors because it made me realize how quickly time passes, but a great reminder of why I pay my hairdresser what I do for her awesome highlighting skills.

*Speaking of bread, I am all about big salads with avocado toast this week. Smoked salmon is my favorite topping as of late. salmon avocado toast and salad

*Speaking of time, I’ve become obsessed with skincare this year. I used to think it was badass to be drugstore-product minimalist about it, but then I got some samples of this Clinique face wash last time I stocked up on my favorite moisturizer, and what do you know? Now the shelves behind my bathroom mirror looks like a real grown-up lives in this apartment. My face feels clean for the first time, like, ever. And um, this exfoliator is amazing. 

*Also, I’m in love with Supergoop’s Daily Correct CC Cream. I just mix a drop of this with a drop of moisturizer in the morning, and it’s all good.

*I also became obsessed with a perfume for the first time since junior high. This smells like the summer vacation I’ve always dreamed of. Because $125 for a freaking fragrance is a bit much for me, I got the $25 roller ball after agonizing for a week about the imminent demise of my free sample. Well done, Sephora. You know how to lure a gal in, don’t you?

*You know how I’m all about food prep? Well, sometimes this happens. shattered pyrex

So it goes.

*It’s been rainy in New York this week. Bad if your’e prone to fogginess/distraction, but great writing cave weather. writing cave June 1

Have a good one!

What’s on your mind today? Any favorite beauty products? 

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.



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