Happy Thursday! Today’s the day we talk about all kinds of random stuff. I’m still playing catch-up from my Memorial Day Weekend trip, so my phone and computer are full of photos without a home. So on that note…


One of the first things my mom did when we got to the house on Sunday morning was to light some incense. Nag champa is what my childhood smells like. Because we have as yet to set up an incense-burning station in this house, my mom had to prop the sticks up in a mug with cat food we found in the fridge. There are a few feral cats who hang around because the neighbors feed them. incense in mug

So, anyway…


Digestive cerealI come from a family where people are very, very private about their bodily functions. Though I’m now basically impossible to phase when discussing such topics, I remember being completely taken aback the first time I heard a nutrition classmate offhandedly make a comment (in casual conversation, no less!) about not feeling the same without “a morning poo.”

Apparently my family is just weird and it’s actually quite normal to be obsessed with excretion. I mean, come on, there’s a big section of the food industry centered around helping people poop better. Millions of dollars worth of advertising devoted to helping people feel that these companies have the best interests of their GI tracts in mind. I spotted this cereal at the grocery store while on vacation with my family. It gave me a little chuckle because, well, there are lots of foods without labels that promote healthy digestion, but somehow this makes it more real for consumers?


While out running errands on Monday morning, my mom and I stopped into a Home Goods store. I felt like every corner I turned, I came across this blue octopus. It was kind of awesome.
blue octopus

I have the decorating bug, big time, right now. I love my apartment as is, but maybe it’s a good time to move around some pictures and dust off the ceiling fan just to breathe some new energy into it. I can’t believe that in just over two weeks, it will be my three-year anniversary in the place. That’s officially tied with the other place lived longest. Weird how that goes…


Also spotted in Home Goods: calorie counters mix

Um, no. For fewer calories than what is in this bag, a person could totally enjoy some real food that would actually fill them up a little. Might I suggest an apple? Maybe some Greek yogurt? Seriously, folks—this stuff is not going to do you any favors, despite what the label insinuates.


Not food-related, but I just need to gush for a second about how much I am loving this necklace from Target.  I was so inspired by the fun jewelry the Minneapolis ladies were wearing I scooped up a few “statement necklaces” for the season. Love how they dress up a simple sundress! Please excuse my crazy hair. It was humid out. target necklace
What’s on your mind today?

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.



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