Thursday already? When did that happen? And yet, how is it only Thursday? Once upon a time, I had a concept of days of the week, but that was in a past life I don’t really remember too well. That said, every Thursday on this here blog is a day for randomness, so how about we dive right in?

*Have you guys seen The Atlantic’s If Our Bodies Could Talk on YouTube? I’ve been loving this series—funny yet informative. Topics include things like what’s up with bone broth, Crossfit babies, and why you should take naps.

*Speaking of Crossfit, I accidentally ate a Paleo-friendly dinner the other night. Or, almost-Paleo (because of the beans). This was cauliflower rice with steamed kale, salsa, guacamole, and black beans, all with a fried egg on top—a perfect mess. cauliflower rice and beans

*And this lunch dessert (part one was a salad eaten straight out of the mixing bowl because I’m classy like that) was basically the opposite of Paleo-friendly: Labneh on toast with berries and local honey. (Dairy, sprouted-grain bread). Yes, it was delicious, and no, the grain police did not show up at my door for making this. labneh toast

Saying “local honey” makes me sound like such a food snob. I’m totally rolling my eyes at myself right now and laughing.

*Sometimes I carry actual rocks in my purse. Or crystals, because I am my mother’s daughter after all. These are shiva lingam and labradorite.
labradorite and shiva lingham

*Whether I step off the curb depends on what shoes I’m wearing.

*My highlighter woes are over! I am so picky about makeup and hate to browse, but I walked away from a “necessary evils” trip to Sephora the other day $41 poorer with a stupid skip in my step because I guess I’m still a girly-girl at heart when it comes to finding that perfect product that’s going to make my life easier. I don’t even miss the old standby I wore every day for—oh—eight years. No time like the present for a positive change. I think Clinique is my official favorite for the next 8 or 80 years. clinique highlighter

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

What’s on your mind this Thursday? What’s your go-to makeup product? 


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