Happy Thursday. Welcome to another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the order of the day. Aka—brain dump. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

First off, thanks to The Lady Project and The Wren for hosting me last night. It was an honor to speak at such a great event.

And now for more randomness:

Porterhouse1.) What do you guys think about Beyonce’s 22 Days Nutrition program?

2.) Actually quite practical: 5 Things to Ask Yourself Before you Buy a Vitamix (I heart the Kitchn). 

3.) Have you seen the new sleep recommendations?

4.) I got another Steak-of-the-Month shipment yesterday. My parents are hilarious—3 months of beef was one of my Christmas gifts. These porterhouse steaks are enormous. Now I understand why they’re always listed as a menu item “for two.” It kind of looks like a lung if you turn it the right way. Or is that just my weird brain playing tricks on me again? 

5.) I’m scheduled to do a smoothie demo today, despite bitter-cold temps. Ah, the things one does to pay the bills…

 What’s on your mind today? 

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