Last night my family celebrated my mom’s birthday at El Parador, an old favorite Mexican restaurant. I wasn’t really in the mood to take photos (dark lighting), though I can say everything was excellent. I loved the fish special I ordered—light but just the right amount of spicy. It’s also hard to beat their guacamole.

One thing I will never come around to, though, is flan. I just…can’t. It could be, objectively, the best flan in the world and I would still want no part in that. However, I’m in the minority, there, so it was included in the celebratory dessert portion of the evening. My mom asked me to take a photo of that and the tres leches cake. Because I am a stunning food photographer, both shots came out spectacularly bad. I think the flan shot, however,  wins for Worst Food Photo I Have Ever Taken:IMG_4624

I love my sister for telling it like it is. At 10:45 she texted me to say, “Your flan picture looks like a big areola.” And there you have it.

Speaking of winning, I still have my Christmas tree up because I keep forgetting to take it down. I’ve been a busy lady, what can I say?

Do you like flan?  Have you ever taken a really bad photo? 

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