Yesterday was the day that dietetic internship applicants around the country found out about our placements. As I’ve mentioned before, the programs are extremely competitive, and the amount of students matched to an internship is only around 50%. Though I felt good about my chances, I was still nervous. 

Luckily, the weather was gorgeous and my mom called in the morning to say that she and my sister were thinking of coming into the city. We ended up having a great day, starting with lunch/brunch at Elsewhere in Hells Kitchen.

We ordered some spoon bread to share—if you go here, do yourself a favor and order this. Sweet, fluffy, maple butter—need I say more? While I didn’t try the baked camembert also pictured (I can’t do stinky cheese early in the day/without wine), my mom and sister said it was excellent.

My sister and I both enjoyed the baked eggs with “Yankee grits” and braised greens. I could have used more vegetables, but I loved this.

The day was perfect for walking around, shopping, and people-watching. We stopped by the Vegetarian Food Festival to see what was up, but the line was literally all the way around the block! I wanted to go, but not enough to wait in line all afternoon. I can eat vegetarian food any day I want, but it’s rare that my mom, sister and I can all coordinate our schedules and hang out for a few hours!

We ended the afternoon at Casellula, a lovely little Hells Kitchen cheese and wine bar in Hells Kitchen that also happens to be a sister restaurant to Elsewhere. If you’re into wine, cheese, cured meats, and other small plates, you will love it. My sister’s blog makes up for the fact that I didn’t take any pictures because I was tired and getting anxious. She’s a much better photographer than I am! Suffice it to say my glass of sparkling shiraz and shared bites of salad and cheese helped me relax before logging on and learning my fate.

So about that.

I got in to one of my top choice programs! I’ll be staying in New York and starting in February of 2012. I’m so excited! It’s been quite a journey so far, and I’m excited to be moving on to the next stage.

February sounds like a long way off, but I know the time will go quickly. Today will be spent resting my tired nervous-walking muscles and working on the in-between—I have a few ideas up my sleeve, and I’ll share when it’s time. Cheers!

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