Yesterday, to calm my nerves celebrate my last two finals of the semester, I met a friend for lunch beforehand. We went at Quantum Leap, where I enjoyed a veggie burger with grilled veggies and she had a portobello sandwich. We also drank a lot of coffeee—I was not going into my organic chem exam without caffeine.

Now, I’ve never had a bad experience at Quantum Leap, but yesterday, I had a pretty amusing one, when the Ugliest Dessert Ever was delivered to our table. My friend had been very curious to try something called a “banana cream crumble,” but she was so horrified when this thing showed up that she made me taste it first.

To be honest, it tasted really good! It was creamy and cold with a hint of cinnamon, a little zing of what might have been apple, and that warm ripe-banana undertone. There were also walnut piecs sprinkled, throughout.

My poor dining companion! Where I’ll eat almost anything, she likes food to look the way it should look and taste the way it should taste, and she’d been expecting something different. She did try a bite, but then, as she scooped a walnut piece with her fork and set it to the side of the plate, she said, “Did I ever tell you, Jess, that I hate walnuts?”

If I hadn’t been so satisfied by my delicious veggie burger, I’d probably have eaten more of the UDE, but oh well. You win some, you lose some. This did, at least, give me an idea of what I could do with the tasteless no-salt-added cottage cheese I have in my fridge.

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